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Kamakura has Beach as it is facing towards Pacific. This also makes Kamakura Unique from KYOTO and NARA. (No beach in KYOTO or NARA). 

Historically speaking, Coast line played an very important role during Kamakura Busi Era as coast line itself is a natural defensive wall.  Several interesting old myth are famous as well.

In modern area, beach contributed a lot for development of Kamalura City as a resort city which attracted famous artists including Natsume Souseki, Akutatagwa Ryunosuke etc.


Old port and Surfing


ZAIMOKU stands for Timber or Lumber in English. As name tells, ZAIMOKU ZA beach is where to import Timber by boat. Thus, there is one of the oldest port in Japan. (named WAKA ENO JIMA).  Today you will only see the remains, unfortunately.


Today ZAIMOKU ZA is perfect to enjoy surfing, wind surfing, kayak etc.

August 16, 2017

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