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Trail hike brings you to the top of KAMAKURA


On top of beach activity, you can enjoy Trail Hiking as well during your stay in KAMAKURA.As you might know, there are 7 old trails path which was build during KAMAKURA era.You can walk through the trail path and enjoy beautiful nature just as ancient people did.I will show you highlights of major hiking course. Also, I can help/arrange the guided tour during your stay.

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Visitng one of the peak point in Kamakura


Kinubari yama is one of the highest point in Kamakura. (120.2m)

(The highest point is about 160 m, will introduce another time)

There are several entry point, but my recommendation is to enter from NAGOE KIRITOSHI, one of the 7 entry path of Kamakura.

Starting from touching old path build by ancient people. Also, you can enjoy beautiful scenery looking pacific ocean over Kamakura city, Zushi, Hayama.

Applox. 3 KM takes 1hr. Good for trail running as well.

September 23, 2017

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