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Sep 21, 2017


Another authentic Pizza Restaurant at Kita Kamakura.


Located by the TOKEIJI Temple.

This restaurant looks very traditional Japanese style house (authentic!), however, inside is the Italian restaurants with bar counter and authentic hand build pizza oven.

Very calm and posh atmosphere, but full of people which explains popularity.

Pizza, pasta and dinner course is very nice. 

JPY 1500~

Sep 30, 2017


Creperie at OMACHI area.

Casual light meal with french style crepe (gallete) and gourmet coffee.

JPY 500~

Sep 19, 2017

Pizza GG (Napoli Pizza) @ GEBA

Authentic Napoli style pizza with "VERA PIZZA NAPOLETANA" logo.

If you are looking for decent pizza resultants, this is the place.

JPY 1,500 ~

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