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Enjoy Green Tea by ZEN Garden @ JOMYOJI temple

MATCHA (Dense, strong green tea) and WAGASHI(Japanese sweet) is famous.

But if you enjoy in front of the authentic Japanese garden, you feel 10 times more relaxed and feel like you are in ancient "Japan".

KISEN AN at JOMYOJI is the perfect place.

On of the recommendation is JYOMYOJI. It is just 5 min walk from HOKOKUJI (famous with bamboo garden.) Even though HOKOKUJI has tea house where you can enjoy Matcha, my recommendation is JYOMYOJI because the garden is more open and more less people.


Photo Gallery:

The CHA SHITSU (tea house) is very nice building. Decorated very simple, yet with noticeable ornaments.

The garden is minimal but definitely meet what you are after.



After you enter JYOMYOJI temple, you will see the small sign on your left in front of the main hall.


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