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HASE DERA has "HASE KAN-NON" as a principal objects of worship. "HASE KAN-NON" is really huge. Her height is 9.18 meters and one of the LARGEST in Japan. Also note that she is made of one gigantic wood, which is unbelievable.

HASE DERA is ONE OF OLDEST temple in Kamakura which is build on AD 736.

Also famous as a beautiful garden. In June, you will see full of AJISAI. But it is very beautiful in other season with seasonal flowers.


The main hall where the HASE KAN-NON" stays.

The main hall is big enough to host one of largest KAN-NON statue.

Very much well maintained and renovated.


The bask side of SAN-MON (The main gate)


The beautiful garden. (Slide show)


Why not write your wishes in a Oyster Shell?

This is very unique. It is interesting to know that HASE DERA has some relationship with Oyster.

You can write your wish in Oyster shell and hang it besides the small hall where the Oyster is a principal objects.

Some donation needed to receive the shell and hang them! (Kindly there is an instruction in English!)


Another high lights is a hall build in natural cave. There are (were) 12 statue placed in side the cave. "Were" means that the original is now moved to the museum build behind the main hall.

But you will see scratches on the wall that makes you believe that this cave is a collaboration between nature and human


Before you leave, please visit EBISU SAMA. You can touch her as well.


Finally, one last comments, which I felt Unfortunate....

The ticketing system is too modernized. It is efficient, but.....



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