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Trail Hiking to KINUBARI YAMA

KINUBARI YAMA is the one of highest point in KAMAKURA, which is 120.2 meters from the sea level.

Photo: View from KINUBARI YAMA. If you are lucky, you can see Mt. Fuji as well.

There are several entry points for this path, however This time I choose Nagoe Kiritoshi as a entry point.


It is an ancient trail path biuild by KAMAKURA government. The path is designed to manage and control the traffic (entry and exit of the person). Thus it can be considered as a gate and as you see in the photo, it is very narrow.

Photo: NAGOE KIRITOSHI entry point

In the Kamakura era, guards are monitoring on top of the wall. When the enemy army (Samurai) are coming attack, then guards throws large rocks to the narrow path and shut down the route itself.


After the entry point, you will see YAGURA (old graves) on your right and then see some open area, which has some history, behind. (where Samurai worriers gather and wait when war starts).

Photo: MANDARA DO YAGURA (Opens limited days. Mostly weekends on spring and autumn.)


Natures and beautiful scene found by the trail (Click to enlarge)

While walking, you can see flowers of the season.


There are several panoramic view points during the course. At least Three Mt. FUJI view points available.


Key historic things by the trail.

HIRABA: (Where Samurai solders stay/gather before/after war. Photo on the left) After you pass MANDARA DO, you will see crossing in the trail turn left is HIRABA. Turn right to KINUBARI YAMA.

Photo Left: Old grave. Must belongs to very high society.

Photo right: O KIRI KISHI. Where people cut natural rock and made stones/tiles for construction purpose.

Finally this trail is famous that one of the very famous monk who had persecuted by the government due to his radical ideology had used this pass to escape. This monk, named NICHIREN SHONIN, had started NICHIREN SHU. There is a old story that white monkey showed up and guide NICHIREN thus, he could have escaped safely.

LEFT: Signs saying NICHIREN SHONIN escape path.

RIGHT: Where NICHIREN managed to hide. Now temple (HOSSHOJI temple) build and named after white monkey.(You see white monkey stature at the main gate)



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