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Zuisenji Temple is located in very recess in a a valley. Pass through "DAITO-NO-MIYA" temple, you need to walk further to your right. After pass through main gate, the atmosphere is very different. Besides the long main road, you will see beautiful trees and flowers. Especially on your left hand side.

Main entrance.



After some walk, you will see second gate and then main hall. In front of the main hall is full with beautiful trees and flower as well.

The main hall.

Zuisenji the main hall

Garden Photo Gallery


The ORIGIN of the ZEN Garden (SHOIN style)

Behind the main hall is the very old ZEN garden. (registered as a Japan national treasure.)

This garden has been build by MUSO-SOSEKI during 14th century. Leverage original nature and simple. Compared to the those garden in Kyoto, it looks simple, but this is the original.

Zuisenji Garden


Access to ZUISENJI Temple.

Bus to DAITO-NO-MIYA from Kamakura st. Then walk (15 min.)

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